A Long Path


Robert Ryan

Born in Swift Current Saskatchewan and having spent 26 years in Saskatoon, Robert has developed many artistic abilities from the many industrial jobs he has had. From Galvanizing metal, Printing, designing logos and sporting apparel to high fashion illustration. Robert moved to Calgary in 2001 where he achieved a degree in animation and  Graphic Design. It was in Calgary where his photography became the dominant skill. After many years of trial and error with graphic design and photography, Robert's unique and complex style started to show. He loves to combine print knowledge and printing techniques with his thirst for capturing one of a kind images.  Moody and layered would be a good description for the unique areas he visits to capture his images. Layered with many flavors Robert incorporates his background of Screen Printer, large format Printer, Photographer, explorer  (urban spelunker) and Graphic Designer to establish a final recipe.

Based in Calgary, Alberta. Robert has used this location as a central hub for all of his ventures into to the neighboring prairies and mountains, traveling into some remote areas. His passion for abandonment has launched him into the world of decay and nature enabling him to capture  the historic development of worldly landscapes and unsightly relics. As a young kid, he loved to stop on the roadside and explore old falling apart houses that were once family homes. While in Montreal he loves to explore old factories that have been out of commission for years. these types of structures hold the key to various art installments put there by graffiti artists and natures paintbrush.

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